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Mitsubishi L200 Engine Supply & Fit

NZ Engines


Welcome to our first post :)

This is Mr Gibbs' Mitsubishi L200.

Mr Gibbs was booked in for a full engine supply and fit. We do usually tend to stick to the price you are quoted however on occasions where the customer cannot decipher the problem we have to inspect the car upon arrival. In Mr Gibbs' case once his car had been given a once-over we learnt his clutch as well as his radiator had been inoperative. Here at NZ Engines we work on a very transparent basis, before any work which has not been stated on the quote starts, we contact the customer for the green light. At NZ Engines we ensure our customers are not hit with surprise bills, a company you can trust!



Engine Engineering can also recondition your current engine, you can drop you car off at our warehouse or if required we can arrange a tow truck to collect from anywhere in the U.K. This would be the same highly professional process carried out on all our stock engines and come with a full year, no mileage restriction warranty


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