#StaySafeWinter Day 2: Survival Tips

The nights are drawing in, the kids are back at school, and before you know it winter will be upon us. As it gets colder and wetter, many of us will rely on the car to get us round. So whether you make short trips on local roads, or travel farther afield on busy motorways, make sure your vehicle is ready for the changing road conditions through autumn and winter.

Make sure you don’t get caught out and have to fork out for unexpected breakdowns or repairs, by following our top tips.

Get under the bonnet

A good place to start is under the bonnet. The AA claims that faulty batteries are the most common cause of winter breakdown. Your battery is going to be over worked in winter - starting the car in the cold, blasting the heating on to keep you warm and keeping the lights and heated windows running all demand a lot from your battery. Get your local garage to check yours. If your battery is nearing the end of its life it makes sense to replace it before it lets you down when you really need it.

As the temperatures plummet, you’ll want to avoid your radiator freezing. If it isn’t already, top it up with anti-freeze – in most cases you want an equal mix of water and anti-freeze.

Similarly, to avoid your screen wash freezing in sub-zero temperatures, it’s good to keep levels topped with a high quality product.