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  • Engine block thoroughly cleaned & surfaces treated

  • Cylinder head skimmed or replaced if necessary

  • Valve seats machined

  • Connecting rods inspected & machined if necessary

  • New OEM main bearings fitted

  • Assembled units oil pressure tested

  • Engine block surfaces machined flat

  • New OEM oil seals installed

  • Cylinders machined to factory specification

  • Crank shaft crack tested, ground & polished to specifications

  • Crank shaft crack tested, ground & polished to specifications

  • New OEM spec Eristic head gasket fitted

  • Assembled units compression tested

  • Tolerances checked on wearable items

  • New OEM valve seals installed

  • New upgraded gas nitride ion piston rings fitted

  • New OEM big end bearings fitted

  • All bolts torqued to specification in accordance with Auto data

  • We are happy to provide a recovery service for your vehicle to our workshop. For further details please contact us

Please NOTE All engines are fitted on an EXCHANGE basis. So we would take your engine block and fit in one of ours. Our jobs come inclusive of a 6 month warranty, which means you are covered for any problems, even if you needed a whole new engine. We like to ensure customer satisfactory, you are in safe hands! The following works are carried out as part of service provided:

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